Trouble is brewing in Trump’s US and he seems not to understand the depth of it.
About 300 years ago Nathan Forest disrepute created the dreaded KKK around San Francisco. They operated the killing machines and fields. They mowed down blacks in broad daylight and shot them at polling booths after they got right of franchise to stop them from voting.
Even as late as 1926, in the famous SWEETS case in Detroit, some still suspected that the white supremacist mob that gathered to lynch the Sweets Family in their home in Detroit for living in an area for only whites was part of KKK terror against blacks.
But the crises peaked when in retaliation later that the blacks created a balancing in groups like the URBAN LEAGUE that attacked whites beyond their officially declared mandate. No masks. No hoods. Barefaced terror.
The Rosa Parks resistance that later turned revolution on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery emboldened them more and US was fast sinking in bloated open anarchy until JFK took the rescue mission in 1963 to enact the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDNMENT ACT to put an end to inequality of races. JFK mightn’t have acted in love for blacks, but in love for and the expediency of saving America.
In the same vein, in 1863, Abraham Lincoln acted, maybe not so much about love for blacks but the need to save America and liberated blacks by granting them citizenship because they were needed as soldiers to ward off the Confederated led by Gen. Robert Lee in the 1861 Civil War.
But all the same, these two actors became heroes of equality in America.
Lesson for Trump is that if about 60 years ago US could be threatened by racism, he condoning and toying with the danger of revived KKK and Neo-Nazism has so much danger in its wake.
One of two things would come out of it – US will burn out itself because they won’t survive racial uprising in today’s sophisticated world where only blacks make up 14% of US population and with other minorities – Hispanics, Asian Americans, Jews etc, the White supremacists would have a terrible run targeting all these people that make over 37.92% of US in 2014. Their joint effort would consume America definitely.
Secondly, those that won’t want US dead, will kill Trump (take him out of power) to save their country. And population diversity watchers of US alerted earlier that soon, with the higher birthrate of minority and higher death rate of whites, soon the whites would be minority.


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