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Chinese policewoman breastfeeding suspect’s baby wins world’s heart




A mother’s love knows no boundaries and a Chinese policewoman proved just that when she was clicked breastfeeding the bawling baby of a suspect who was standing trial in the courtroom. The picture clicked by one of her colleagues went viral on the social media and was shared around the world with people pouring out their admiration and praise for the warm-hearted police officer.

Police officer Lina Hao, who is a mother herself, took on the task of feeding the baby when it started crying in the courtroom. Officer Lina who was in-charge of looking after the baby along with her colleague asked permission from the mother to feed the little one during the trial.  “The baby wouldn’t stop crying and we were all worried,” explained the officer. The officer found a quiet corner and nursed the baby.

“I am a new mother, I could feel how anxious the child’s mother would have been. All I thought about was to try my best and comfort the tiny baby,” said the officer.

According to the court, the baby’s mother surnamed Li, was so touched by the Officer Hao’s gesture that she couldn’t help but cry after leaving the court.

The mother, who stood trial in northern China’s Shanxi Province, was one of the 34 people sentenced to prison for connections with a bogus fundraising ring, according to Global Times. She pleaded guilty of fraud, embezzlement and concealment of illegal gains, the report said.

 source: indianexpress.com





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