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Chinese ambassador thanks Nigeria for recognizing One China



By Ikenna Emewu

The Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Zhou Pingjian has commended the federal government of Nigeria for its full recognition of the One China Police earlier this year.

China internationally operates one nation policy in relationship with Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong where diplomatic relationship with the One China covers the rest of the special administrative regions.

Zhou expressed the appreciation last week during a colloquium in Abuja to announce the opening of the 19 National Congress of Communist Party of China (CPC)

The event was attended by Nigerian political party leaders, diplomats, journalists and academics and hosted by Mr. Charles Ononaiju, Director of China Studies Institute.

The envoy also challenged Nigeria to draw lessons from the CPC, its stability, transparency, dedication to growing a better China and make Nigeria tap into her potential for greatness.

He also vowed a better relationship and friendship between Nigeria and China and stated that the ties between the two have been made stronger and more profitable even ow in the administration of President Xi Jinping of China.

Explaining the policies of the CPC and the significance of the 19th Congress meant to re-elect the General Secretary of the party and president of China, he said: “The CPC is the largest and strives to build the strongest ruling party in the world. The Party’s role is central to running China’s affairs well. In this sense, the ongoing 19th CPC National Congress is indeed a key meeting at a crucial time for China with appreciable global significance.

“The Congress will review the Party’s work over the past five years and chart the course for China’s development and foreign relations in the next five years and beyond. A new Central Committee and a new Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will be elected at the Congress. Then a new leading organ of the CPC Central Committee will be elected by members of the Central Committee at its first plenary session the next day after the conclusion of the National Congress.

“The CPC takes intra-Party democracy as the lifeline of the Party. Delegates to CPC congresses and members of CPC committees at all levels are elected by secret ballot. It is explicitly stipulated in the Party constitution that no organization or individual shall in any way compel voters to elect or not elect any particular candidate. In about one year starting from November 2016, 2280 delegates have been elected to attend the 19th CPC National Congress after full deliberation and discussion by Party organizations and voters. The election of delegates was a chain process with at least five links: recommendation for nomination, examination by Party organizations, determination of the list of preliminary candidates, determination of candidates, official election of delegates. 99.2% of the 89 million CPC members nationwide participated in the election process.

Although the two countries operate different political system, he reasoned that the whole essence of politics is to serve the people and grow the society and make it better.

He therefore challenged Nigeria to learn some lessons from the CPC example.

“Today deep into the hearts and minds of the over 1.3 billion Chinese people, the leadership by the CPC is both the defining feature and the biggest strength of socialism with Chinese characteristics. How can we decode the genes of the success of CPC?

Over the past year, the catchphrase of the Party has been “staying true to our founding mission”, which is to serve the people. Serve the people with heart and soul. This is exactly the core gene of the CPC,” he stated.


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