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China happy with Korean Peninsula new rapport



By Ikenna Emewu


Chinese Foreign Ministry Monday in Beijing addressed burning issues regarding China and the outer world, and took special notice of the peace initiative of South Korea towards North which is seen as positive development in the tense Korean Peninsula.

The positions of the country was also made known on some other international issues like the effective commencement of the UN trade sanctions against the North Korea with from January 9.

On this, the ministry spokesman, Lu Kan stated that China being a permanent member of the Security Council of the UN does not toy with compliance with UN resolutions on any issue.

He assured that the Chinese Commerce Ministry is already working on the clampdown on North Korea businesses in China consistent with a notice it issued September last year.

Regarding the Korean Peninsula developing rapport which came to head with a high level diplomatic meeting between the two sides on January 9, Lu described it as welcome development that China who had taken a pacifist stand on resolving the Korean logjam had been wishing for.

Lu noted that: ““Regarding the Korean issue, we have all been following the recent positive evolvement of the Korean Peninsula situation. We keep reiterating our position for quite some time. As a close neighbor to the Peninsula, China welcomes and supports these positive moves made by the DPRK and the ROK towards easing their bilateral relations. We also hope that all relevant parties of the international community could lend their support to sustain such positive momentum and work together to find a good way to ease tension, enhance mutual trust, and resume dialogue and consultation.

China has been working tirelessly and making positive and constructive efforts for the settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue. Keeping a close eye on the Korean Peninsula situation, we will continue with our efforts to promote peace talks.”


The ministry also reacted to the oil vessel explosion of the Iranian tanker co-owned by South Korean oil giant which took place at the East China Sea on Sunday.

It said: “The Chinese government attaches high importance to this maritime disaster, and has dispatched many vessels to assist in the search and rescue efforts. Despite the harsh sea conditions and poor weather, the Chinese government is going all out to carry out search and rescue work. Some of the crew were rescued, but many remain missing. The Chinese side has also sent specialized cleaning vessels to prevent secondary disasters. The cause of this disaster is still under investigation. We appreciate the assistance offered by the relevant countries. We will keep you updated.

As I just said, the cause of the accident is still being investigated. You can only move on to the issue of compensation after the cause of the accident is established. What is imperative at the moment is stepping up efforts for search and rescue,which is exactly what the Chinese government has been doing since the accident happened. At the same time, no time should be wasted in carry out the cleansing work.

Also within the purview of the ministry’s update and briefing was the on-going visit of President Emmanuel Macron of France to China right now.

France has remained China’s major oldest diplomatic ally in the European Union (EU).

Lu Kan said in his address that: “As for our take on how China-France relations will develop through President Macron’s visit, France was the first major country in the west to establish ambassadorial diplomatic ties with the new China. That important historic decision made by Chairman Mao Zedong and General Charles de Gaulle was truly a visionary one. History has proven that the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France has played an important role in making international relations more sound and democratic. Overall, China-France relations have been growing smoothly since the establishment of diplomatic ties.

“In recent years, the China-France Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has been developing at a high standard and in a sound and steady way, with all-around cooperation yielding one outcome after another.

President Macron is the first foreign head of state China receives in the year 2018, and also the first head of state of EU member state to visit China after China’s 19th CPC Congress. This is also President Macron’s first state visit to China after assuming office. We believe that this visit is significant for the China-France and China-Europe relations in the new era. The Chinese leaders are also looking forward to having an in-depth exchange of views with President Macron on the next steps to move forward China-France relations in the new era as well as international and regional issues of mutual concern. We believe that this visit will serve to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the two heads of state, enhance political mutual trust and strategic communication between two sides, and further boost bilateral relations and all-around practical cooperation so as to bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples and contribute to the development of China-Europe ties.”




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