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World’s first 3D printed bus stop installed in Shanghai



Shanghai has witnessed the world’s first 3D bus stop that was recently installed in the Fengjing district of the large commercial city, People’s Daily of China reported.

The 3D-printed bus shelters have a unique closed loop design, and two round stools are set inside the gray rectangle frame. The original print marks still remain, allowing observers to see how the structure was made layer-by-layer.

The gray colored raw materials are environmentally friendly and renewable materials recycled from demolished buildings. They were chosen to naturally fit the style of the ancient town of Fengjing, Shanghai.

The structures have attracted interest, as there were no bus stops like that before, only bus stop signs.

The local Fengjing government has been actively promoting business innovation and technology to be used in the area’s infrastructure. Sixteen 3D-printed bus stops have started service in the town, but more are expected.




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