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Robots deliver medical supplies in Guangzhou hospital


Mu Siyang

China’s first hospital logistic robots have started working in Guangzhou, reports Southern Metropolis Daily.

The Guangzhou Women and Children’s Hospital introduced eight robots, dubbed “Noah”, to distribute medical supplies on Thursday.

Jobs are assigned to “Noah” by nurses using a terminal. It then goes on its mission, avoiding obstacles and even taking the elevator when it needs to.

With 12 operating rooms, engaged in more than 100 surgical procedures a day, it’s estimated “Noah” can replace 2-4 members of staff, massively reducing the 1944 km distance that nurses have to walk each year. That’s the same as walking from Guangzhou to Beijing.

The makers are looking into ways of making improvements to “Noah” such as improving its visual judgment and interaction functions, and two new campuses of the hospital creating exclusive elevators for “Noah”.


Source: chinaplus.cri.cn



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