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Salim Ahmed Salim lists benefits of China’s poverty alleviation experience to Africa




China’s experience in coordinating urban and rural development aside from agricultural and industrial development has greatly benefited African countries, said former Tanzanian Prime Minister Salim Ahmed Salim at the Third Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation on Tuesday.
Under the theme, “Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development,” the forum gathers together delegates from China and African countries to share their experience in poverty alleviation and explore ways to achieve sustainable development. The forum also aims to enhance local government cooperation.
China has achieved great success in local governance. We should promote local government cooperation between China and African countries, Nigerien Prime Minister Brigi Rafini said at the forum.
Liomba Mwangala, Permanent Secretary of Southern Province of Zambia, said “We expect our Chinese team to go to Zambia any time soon so that we can engage each other.”
He further noted that he is expecting Chinese companies to provide support in infrastructure construction and tourism development.
On cooperation projects, Mandengue Louis Lucien Heurard, Deputy Mayor of Douala, Cameroon, said that the
Belt and Road
initiative has brought many infrastructure projects to Africa. He said they have made people’s lives more convenient and create better conditions to alleviate poverty.

XINHUA through Global Times

File photo of Salim A. Salim with Chinese officials in Tanzania in May 2016 from google images


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