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China-US: This war is beyond just trade



Friday, May 11, a Washington Post headline read: “China’s new train line to Iran sends message to Trump.”
That sounds inciting or suggestive you may say. But reading the entire report filed from Berlin by Rick Noack gives away the entire mindset of US about the world and the way they relate or regard others, China inclusive.
The United States has always dreamed untrammeled and roughshod ride over the world, even if it entails tendentious impunity. Unilateral actions in the decree and use of force, extraterritorial and out-of-jurisdiction application of municipal laws of the US in other countries are fecund traditions every student of international law is familiar with.
But why won’t that be? The world seemingly went to sleep when US stayed awake to fortify her domain, toughened up and started tapping each nation to take their turns in their dose of bullying. And that has always worked starting from the day she took the gauntlet to have the world bodies – UN and agencies created in her domain in past 73 years. They further staked their dollar as the global medium of exchange and the ultimate beneficiary of the setback of Hitler’s Nazi that brought most European strong nations flat on their belly after World War II. US redeemed the global insolvency then and took flight to the heights and has known the benefits of the entire world of 192 UN member states making money and stashing away their savings – foreign reserves, in the coffers of an institution controlled by the US. They trade and feather their nest with the world’s resources and still sit on their high horse rather as helper angel of the world.
What has also brewed skirmishes between US and any other power is the resolve it has to put others at bay from the world stage and keep lording it over all. I am an African and Africa doesn’t exist in the scheme of things, not, just a non-entity to be frugal with adjectives. US IMF and World Bank created and sustain that to their benefit. That is the case with so many other nations in all the continents, and US likes it that way.
China rose from nowhere and the strength the largest nation in the world chalked up seems to have caught US napping, and there don’t seem to be a let-up until their angling pays with a downing blow.
It would take China more strength, more tact, sharper diplomacy and unrelenting skills to keep steady on its course and never allow US have it distracted. I believe in the world order leaving all of us with options, otherwise a lone player would send us all into common slavery and turn the earth into one large detention camp at its behest.
Donald Trump is the true character of the US image and identity. He relentlessly bullies and in all directions all at the same time. He greets the EU with jitters, shakes the hands of Russia with shivers, rattles the rest into submission and quietude and who is left? – only China. The last onslaught is to cage China or at best get her cowed and left with bloodied nose, and the cycle gets complete. To the US, the only way the equities become equal is that she rules the world totally. No half measures.

It has started out as tariffs imposition and trade wars. But I guess the ding dong is a sample of the larger war to come.
I reproduce a part of a commentary I read on Yahoo News in random search to get fact for this piece. It was written by an American, Elizabeth Economy, a senior fellow and director of Asia studies for the Council on Foreign Relations. She wrote this for The Dallas Morning News.
An excerpt reads: “Yet while President Trump focuses his attention on the U.S.-China relationship, he cannot lose sight of the challenge China poses to U.S. interests on the global stage. China is in the midst of a significant effort to redraw the geopolitical, economic and security landscape. Its Belt and Road program, initiated in 2013-14, is not simply a plan for global infrastructure connectivity using Chinese technology, materials and labor. It is also a larger, strategic effort to develop international support for Chinese political values, to expand the reach of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Navy via control of scores of ports and the establishment of new military bases and to erode the dominance of the U.S. dollar in international trade and investment settlements. In addition, Beijing is working to establish a community of politically like-minded countries to challenge western liberal democracies on issues such as Internet sovereignty and human rights.
The moves that China is making will cement international technological standards, political values and security relationships for decades to come. Other countries, particularly China’s neighbors such as Japan, India and Australia, have already started to push back by advancing their own connectivity efforts. Yet no country aside from the United States has the political, military and economic heft necessary to provide a real alternative to China.
It is time for President Trump to adopt a broader understanding of why China matters to the United States and ensure that these shifts in global standards and values are ones precipitated and supported by the United States — not China.”
This author said it as plain as it could be said. She didn’t chew her words and that’s the American mindset.
This deep and broad war bears the misnomer – Trade War. Its reaches are far more than just trade. It is about starting somewhere to cut China to size and have free ride on the world. It’s about checkmating whatever advantages the AIIB may give China with its expanding influence of 86 state members in less than two years. It is about curbing the reach and influence of the Boao Forum that binds Asia into a common economic umbilical cord that would give it strength. It’s about China’s deeper friendship and influence in Africa.
Recall that the Africa Development Bank (AfDB) is a mere toga while the seed in it belongs to the west. But for the AIIB, hell no.
It is about keeping the Belt and Road Initiative in disarray or out of track. It is about making sure the currency swaps some bodies and states get into with China to have the Yuan as alternative to the US Dollars in international transactions is paused or truncated.
Don’t forget it could also be about getting a new friend/ally in Pyongyang that might be cemented in Singapore on June 12 and possibly hedging in China.
I wish China stays awake and at alert not to play into waiting bellicose hands that act the agent provocateur.
To China, I simply say that what you face is not a trade war. It is full scale war. Wars don’t pay, tact does and this is the time to play the wise card to preserve self, stay away from US tantrums, make more friends with other worlds and stay out of trouble in order to remain on your game and keep providing the world an alternative rallying point.


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