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Kenya hopes to start oil export this year



Nairobi, May 19 (Prensa Latina) The Chief Secretary of Kenya Oil Department, Andrew Kamau, declared that his country is ready to export crude oil this year through a pilot system.

Kamau stated that 70,000 barrels are currently stored in Lokichar, in Turkana County (north), ready to be transported to the port of Mombasa in specialized trucks for export.
We are ready to start this pilot plan, we are just waiting for the bill because the oil is already in the tanks, he commented.
The official added that the first oil exports would follow commercial production and more shipments after an oil pipeline is completed in 2021.
In this regard, the administrative secretary of the Ministry of Petroleum, John Musonik, indicated that there are still a number of issues that should be clarified in relation to the distribution of income as stipulated in the bill.
At this time (the project) states that the government gets 70 percent, 20 percent goes to the county and 10 percent to the community, but that still has to be defined, he commented.
The new legislation must be approved before large-scale oil production can begin, and then the oil can be sent to the international market.

Source: plenglish.com


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