Home Technology Reddit overtakes Facebook as US 3rd most popular website

Reddit overtakes Facebook as US 3rd most popular website




The entertainment platform Reddit outscored the social network Facebook and now ranks among the three most popular sites in the US, according to ratings provided by Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

According to the data provided, Reddit bumped Facebook down to fourth place; fifth place was taken by Amazon. On average, users spend a little more than 15 minutes on Reddit, while on Facebook the figure was almost 11 minutes, and on Amazon — seven and a half minutes.

The first two spots were taken by Google and its video hosting site YouTube. On these two sites, users spend seven and eight minutes daily, on average.

Alexa’s rating is formed on the basis of the analysis of monthly traffic, taking into account the number of pages viewed and the average attendance for the day.

However, when ranked globally, Reddit is only in sixth place, and Facebook — third.




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