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UNICEF launches web for “Super Dads” program for early children education




UNICEF is launching a new web to encourage more “super dads” to join the early education of children, in which the United Nations Children’s fund claims fathers’ role cannot be ignored.

In the Early Moments Matter web, or microbe site, the UN children agency launched late last week, it intends to “give all parents and caregivers the opportunity to share their experiences and be inspired with new ways of supporting their children’s development,” Georgina Thompson, media officer of UNICEF told Xinhua.”When it comes to parenting of young children, we know that mothers take responsibility of the lion’s share. But fathers are so much more than just a second parent” he said.UNICEF launched the new parenting microbe on June 7 as part of the “Super Dad” campaign, recognizing the important role of fathers in the early development of their children and calling for more support for fathers, including the adoption of policies that provide them with the resources they need to spend more time with their children.

UNICEF said that during the first 1,000 days of life, the child’s brain can establish up to one million neuron connections per second.”These neural connections determine a child’s cognitive ability, their health and happiness, how they learn and think, their ability to deal with stress, and their ability to form relationships,” said Thompson.”Good nutrition, protection, play and love in early childhood spark these neural connections in children’s brains, and it’s often parents who hold the biggest stake in this process,” he said.The microbe site has opened up “Child Care Tips from Super Dads Around the World” to encourage sharing of childcare experiences. Among them is the “Mini Master Parenting Class.” The first “Master Class” includes a feature with UNICEF Global Chief of Early Childhood Development Pia Britto.

Britto said that “the father is one of the best children’s development resources we have. We need to give our children the best start in life.”The “Super Dad” mission of UNICEF aims to remind parents that when fathers provide children with care and protection in their early years, play with them and provide support for their nutrition, children are expected to learn better, reduce behavioral problems, and become healthier and happier. Thomson said that in general, the mother plays the most important role in the child’s early education, but the father’s role still cannot be ignored. This project will build a shared digital platform for knowledge and experiences so that the “Super Dad” can play a more important role. The new web has opened its service in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Arabic version, and countries with UNICEF offices are building localized versions of the site, tailored to their populations.



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