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Google to open AI research center in Ghana



Google plans to build a new foundation for developing Ghana. A year after its CEO Sundar Pichai visited the country and promised to continue to raise company investment in the continent.

The company chose Accra for its center ignoring cities like Addis Ababa and Lagos which are more prominent technical hubs, more likely because the project will need the support of some local universities and research centers. Ghana is known for its young talents passing out of regarded universities, like Ashesi University and political stability.

It’s not companies first entry to the state. It has a launchpad accelerator Africa which provide quality training in computer science and till date, 10 million learners are benefited, almost 2 million completed the course. The company also lined up optical fiber system in the city recently which helped to provide strong internet connection signal to people of Accra.

However this research center will take few months to be effective, might later this year itself.

African countries have played their full potential in the development of Artificial intelligence. Sophia, a social humanoid robot was partly developed in Ethiopia.

Google also planning to collaborate with local universities and research labs as well as policymakers to facilitate fast advancement of AI in the country. Company stated,

From: theindianwire.com



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