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Truecaller reintroduces ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ for pro subscribers



Truecaller has reintroduced the much requested ‘Who Viewed Your Profile’ feature for its Pro subscribers. The feature allows users to see who has viewed their profile, keeping them prepared for which calls to expect and from whom.

Truecaller Pro users will receive a notification when another user has viewed their profile using Truecaller. However, this only applies if someone has tapped on the profile to view it, not searched for it.Depending on the user’s privacy settings, contact information such as their phone number added by a user could be hidden. Users will still have to send a Contact Request for additional details.By going to the ‘Privacy center’ in the Settings of their Truecaller app, users can always control who views what information on their profile.Private ModeWhen a user becomes a Pro subscriber, they can toggle on or off the Private mode, which means that another user will not be notified if they’ve viewed their profile.This is a first of many new Truecaller Pro features that Truecaller will be releasing soon. In the coming weeks, the Pro feature will be rebranded to Premium and the company will be adding more features to make communication safe & efficient.Previously, the company acquired India’s first multi-bank payments app, Chillr for an undisclosed amount.”Since launching Truecaller Pay in 2017, we’ve seen an increasing number of use cases to make the lives of our users in India easier, ” said Nami Zarringhalam, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Truecaller.He said: “By acquiring Chillr, we are reaffirming our commitment to mobile payments and strengthening our plans to increase its adoption amongst our user base. We will, together, have a far bigger impact in this space through the foundation of the team’s expertise and a strong user base that trust our platform and use it on a daily basis.”

The founders of Chillr Sony Joy, Anoop Sankar, Mohamed Galib and Lishoy Bhaskaran and the rest of the organization will be joining the caller identification app. Truecaller in its blog post said: We are excited to join our teams together in our development center in Bangalore and continue to work on bringing mobile payments to the masses.

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