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80 delegates to 3rd China-African Youth Festival visit China’s ‘Silicon Valley’



By Li Huiru


Around 80 Chinese and African youth delegates visited Zhongguancun Science Park on June 22. The delegation is in Beijing attending the third annual China-African Youth Festival.

The delegation consisted of 39 youth leaders, heads of youth affairs of ruling party, youth entrepreneurs, and youth representatives from African members of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), and their Chinese peers from Chinese ministries and youth organizations.


Hou Yun, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, introduced the delegation to the park’s overseas talents policies and shared Zhongguancun’s  experience in cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem over the past 30 years. She said that as China’s first national talent management reform pilot zone, Zhongguancun has established a good relationship with Africa. This year, the park’s management will set up a liaison office in South Africa to better engage with innovative entities at home and abroad, helping both sides promote innovation and entrepreneurship.


Edmundo Galiza Matos, MP of the governing Frelimo Party of Mozambique, was very interested in how the park attracts talent. He inquired about the details for the exchange of talents through universities and scientific research institutions and said he hoped Zhongguancun Science Park could develop a liaison office outside South Africa.


Madagascar youth representative Harison Stephanio Andre, head of Office of Atsinanana Region, was very concerned about gender inequality in high-tech industries. He said that in Madagascar, gender inequality in the workplace is an outstanding issue and asked if China also faces this issue. Hou Yun responded with an example of the employment in the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park, saying that the proportion of female officials in the park consists of more than half, reinforcing the Chinese saying, “Women can be the top half of the sky.”


In addition to visiting Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park, two other groups of the third China-African Youth Festival visited the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development (LGOP) and toured local communities of Xicheng District.


With the theme, “Connecting the Dreams of Youth and Creating A New Era for China-Africa Relations,” the event was held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, and the People’s Government of Sichuan Province. 

 from china.org.cn


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