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Offshore cloud hosting causes capital flight, others’



Comercio Cloud Managing Director,  Mrs Aderonke Adeyegbe, has said when organisations decide to host their data in local public cloud, huge foreign exchange (forex) is saved and jobs created.

Speaking on the sideline of the unveiling of the first enterprise public cloud platform in the country in Lagos, she said the public cloud platform was created for medium and large enterprises to provide the same services as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services provide.

She said: “There has been and there continues to be more world class data centres coming on to the market. It provides an adequate platform for us to build a public cloud platform. We use at least two of the data centres to provide redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. Using VMware technology, we are able to move our cloud infrastructure from one location to another in the event of a failure with little or no data loss. From our local economy point of view, it reduces capital flight and encourages job creation in the country.

“We could not have picked a better time to launch our public cloud platform because there are up to eight undersea cables available or coming on board to provide access to the outside world. The proliferation of undersea cables providers has increased competition and thereby reducing the cost of internet access. Currently, internet access is cheaper than the metro networks in Nigeria. Though the cost of connectivity is still falling and becoming more attractive, the deregulation of the right of way has allowed many companies to provide affordable access to fibre. There are also more world-class data centres to host cloud platforms available today with a few more being built.”

According to her, there is a global clamour for cloud computing, adding that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are geared to providing support and services to this area of technology.

She said with the challenges faced globally and especially in Nigeria, companies are looking to reduce their expenditure while trying to grow their business. Global best practice is that most chief information officers (CIOs) are moving to cloud platforms for data storage. With the reduction in recent times in the cost of accessing internet services, this service has not come at a better time with more world class data centres to host cloud platforms available today than ever before in Nigeria. It is not unnoticed that 70 per cent of CIOs worldwide are moving to the cloud this year and the total revenue from cloud computing tripling in the next two years, she said.

Also, its Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Aderemi Adejumo, said the public cloud platforms offer enterprises the opportunity to move their IT expenditure from a capital expenditure (capex)  to operating expenditure (opex) as well as only pay for what they consume. He said it is a pay-as-you-go model to minimise expenditure and create great saving in total cost of ownership (TCO).

According to him, the other great advantage is their time to market because in traditional computing, it takes between four and 16 weeks to request, get appropriate approvals and procure hardware before installing and configuration of the software. “In this current fast changing world, this is not acceptable and a great challenge. With our public cloud platform, the required hardware can be provisioned and available in less than 48 hours.

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