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WPA3 Wi-Fi ready to provide stronger data protections



WPA3 Wi-Fi is ready to provide stronger protections for the data that flows between your internet connection, computers, phones and smart home devices. WPA3 is a new standard for securing Wi-Fi connections.

Wi-Fi security protocol is finally getting an upgrade after 14 years as the Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday has officially launched WPA3, the next-generation standard. It’s a successor to the WPA2 security protocol which was first introduced in 2004. The new standard promises to address many of the vulnerabilities that have remained in the wireless networking.

The new protocol brings individualized data encryption and gives you tougher password-based sign-ins through Simultaneous Authentication of Equals that will make it harder to run a common hacking attack on your personal WiFi network.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is beginning to certify WPA3-supported products including new routers and it’s up to users whether to install the protocol standard on existing routers with an update.

“The WPA3 program will bring much needed upgrades to wireless security protecting all levels of customers from consumer to enterprise [and] government,” the company said in a statement.

For personal Wi-Fi users, the new protocol will even provide unbreakable protection if user passwords aren’t so complex and hard to guess according to Wi-Fi Alliance’s marketing VP, Kevin Robinson.

“Users should still choose passwords that are hard to guess,” said Robinson “A user should not go and pick ‘password’ as their password.”

Manufacturers and developers like networking giant Cisco expressed their support for WPA3. Cisco said Monday that it was planning to update older devices with new protocol and install WPA3 in its upcoming products.

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