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Chinese new energy firms express confidence in Ghana’s market



Several Chinese entrepreneurs participating in the Fourth Ghana Renewable Energy Fair have expressed confidence in Ghana’s energy market.

   The fair opened in Accra on Tuesday.

   Chen Dajia of East Power Group, which is based in Dongguan, a city in China’s Guangdong Province, said his firm had been in operation in Ghana since 2001.

   East Power has found a home in Ghana for its African operations, he told Xinhua in an interview.

   “From this year, we have set up our service center in Accra, Ghana, from where we do servicing for the whole Africa,” Chen said.

   The company supplies solar systems, UPS, stabilizers, batteries and solar panels to more than 40 countries across Africa, he said.

   “In Ghana, we have done a lot of projects, including the new airport terminal, where the power supply system is supplied by us. We also power some hotels in Kumasi, in Takoradi,” Chen said.

   Deng Xiaohua, chief executive officer (CEO) of another Chinese company, Suiming Guangdong, expressed pleasure in investing in Ghana and west Africa.

   Suiming Guangdong has been in Ghana since 2004 from where it does business with other west African companies in solar systems, solar lighting, and street lighting, she said.

   “I will continue to bring more investments to Ghana and other west African countries, I like Africa, I love Ghana.” Deng said.

   Lu Zhiqiang, manager at Sun Solar Power Ltd., said the Ghana market would continue to grow.

   Sun Solar Power designs solar systems for companies. It also builds small systems for rural communities on Ghana’s river Volta.

   Ghana’s deputy minister for Energy William Owuraku Aidoo said as the cost of photo-voltaic (PV) panels continued to tumble, more people would turn to solar power.

   “The prospects are very good… the price will continue to come down and everybody will be able to access it,” the minister said.

   Ghana plans to build a 150 MW wind project and a 250 MW solar power project, which would help the country meet its target of 10 percent renewable energy in the energy mix. 


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