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Chinese Embassy in US warns nationals to be careful with electronic devices


The Chinese Embassy in the US warned Chinese nationals to be careful about electronic devices they bring to the US after news reports suggested that the US customs officials had detected illegal information on devices and banned people from entering the country.
According to US law, law enforcement officers at the US border control have the right to examine people, including US citizens, who enter and exit the country.
They can check their nationality, entry purpose and the electronic devices they bring with them, the Embassy of China in the US said in a warning on Thursday.
The notice said that the US law enforcers can search passengers without applying for a search warrant beforehand.
Also, their rights are not limited by the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which stresses the right to resist unreasonable searches and seizures.
The embassy also said it had received reports from Chinese nationals who crossed the US border saying their phones and computers were examined by US border law enforcers.
Some US media reports also said the US side refused entry to some who brought electronic devices that contain illegal information, and some were even prosecuted, it said.
The US Customs and Border Protection said in January that these searches are essential to enforcing the law at the US border and to protecting border security.


Photo: Chinese students in US high school



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