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Most consumers swayed by phone design over hardware


Latest research from the University of Seville and the Catholic University of North Chile has revealed the majority of consumers care about aesthetics, over hardware, when buying a new smartphone.
In a study of 390 people, the shape of a smartphone was deemed the most important aesthetic aspect.
As per Science Daily, the University of Seville claims the more attractive a smartphone’s design, the stronger a consumers “emotional relationship” with the device will be – “a clear influence on their purchasing decision.”
Technical characteristics and functionality were deemed the next factors to influence smartphone buying decisions, following overall design.
Interestingly, researchers claim “social value” or the colour of the phone are questions that “matter less.”
Concerning aesthetics, the most desired mobile phones (in 2017) possessed “flat screens with rounded edges”.
Researchers affirm strong design will increase a consumer’s emotional attachment to a device, thereby lifting perceived sense of usability, and raising the intention to purchase.
Perhaps a reflection of the researchers’ geography (Chile and Brazil), phones sized between 4.7″ and 5.5″ were considered the “most solid” (i.e. desirable).
Whilst new phones have continued to grow in size, some commentators claim a shift towards smaller devices is on the horizon – e.g. the era of Samsung’s foldable smartphone, or credit card sized phones from the likes of Palm.
SOURCE: channelnews.com.au


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