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Nigeria primary health care agency assures of polio eradication


With continued commitment, collaboration and partnership, polio eradication in Nigeria is within reach, a top official said on Wednesday.
Speaking in Abuja, the capital, in commemoration of 2018 World Polio Day, Saadu Salahu, a spokesperson for the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, said the country had not reported any case of the wild polio virus for over 25 months as of October.
There have been isolated reports of Type 2 strains largely from environmental samples, he added, noting that these are not wild polio cases that present with similar symptoms.
According to him, the Type 2 strains are a result of several years of low routine immunization coverage.
“This led to intensive outbreak response campaigns in two phases which commenced in May and September-October 2018,” the spokesperson said.
He added that the Nigerian government and development partners had scheduled a vaccination campaign across 92 targeted local government areas in November 2018 to further boost population immunity.


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