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Huawei mocks Samsung, Apple after fine for slowing down phones


Last week, Samsung and Apple were slapped with heavy fines for reportedly slowing down some of their smartphones.
As one could expect, Chinese giant Huawei took note of the case and decided to mock its direct rivals in the smartphone arena.
It pushed a single tweet, trolling both the companies and promoting its latest Mate series flagship.
Here’s all about it.

Context: Why were Samsung and Apple fined in Italy
Fine details

According to two separate investigations from the Italian Competition Authority, Samsung and Apple throttled their old, out-of-warranty phones by pushing software updates made for newer devices.
This, as the organization’s said, forced customers to go for paid repairs, sometimes even for a new smartphone.
As a result, a fine worth $5.7m was slapped against Samsung, while Apple has been asked to pay $10.14m.

#BornFastStaysFast, says Huawei for its phones
Huawei’s tweet

On October 25, Huawei tweeted it would never slow down its phones just to force an upgrade – clearly signaling the case of Samsung and Apple.
Then, making most of the opportunity, the company started new hashtags – #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown – for its latest flagship Mate 20 Pro.
Notably, the move came just when the Mate series started shipping in the UK.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first stunt by Huawei
Huawei’s stunts

While Huawei wasted no time in seizing the opportunity, it is worth noting this wasn’t the first marketing stunt pulled by the company.
The Chinese giant has mocked Apple on several occasions. Most recently, it gave away free power banks to people lining for Apple’s new iPhones.
The box of the battery pack read, “Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it. Courtesy of Huawei.”
SOURCE: menafn.com


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