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Asus ZenFone 6 leak hints at weirdly placed water-drop notch, triple rear cameras


The ZenFone 5Z was the first Android phone to copy the iPhone X-style notch. But unlike Apple, that retained the notch in the follow-up iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max phones, Asus may be looking to drop the design scheme. The ZenFone 6 has been spotted online, and while it’s nice to see Asus opting out of the iPhone X-style notch, we may be looking at something weirder. The ZenFone 6, if a number of leaked renders are to be believed, will have a water-drop style notch like the one in the Essential phone or the OnePlus 6T. The water-drop notch, in the case of the ZenFone 6, will however be off-centre.
The ZenFone 6, as per the leaked images, will come with a water-drop or tear-drop notch upfront and this notch will rest at one end and not in the centre like it is in other phones with notches. More precisely, the notch in the case of the ZenFone 6, will lie on the right extreme of the phone for some reason. Now, it is advised that you take this piece of information with a pinch of salt since Asus is yet to formally announce the ZenFone 6, but if the real thing comes out to be anywhere close to the leaked deal, well, Asus may just be looking at a fair bit of controversy and criticism.
Now you can say that there’s nothing like symmetry in the world of notches, but the ZenFone 6 may just end up becoming the kind of the hill if at all the leaked renders are anywhere close to reality. Adding salt to the wound is a pretty prominent chin at the bottom, and when clubbed with the weird notch up-top, the ZenFone 6 become everything but symmetric.
But let’s just move on now, and focus on another aspect of the ZenFone 6 which seems quite promising. The phone is seen housing a triple camera setup on the rear, and while hardware specifications of the setup aren’t known yet, the ZenFone 6 would be something to look forward to. This is because the ZenFone 5Z ships with pretty good dual rear cameras and is in fact one of the most affordable flagship phones to come equipped with a super wide-angle lens. The ZenFone 6 may take things up a notch by also giving you a telephoto lens for zoom shots.

Hardware specs of the ZenFone 6 aren’t out yet but the phone should pack the latest and greatest from Qualcomm — the unreleased Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 successor — and also Android Pie-based Zen UI. The ZenFone 5Z is a value for money flagship and something similar is expected from the ZenFone 6 as well. But hopefully, it would stay clear of the weird notch.
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