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TV brand enters Nigerian market



In its quest to redefine Nigerian viewing experience, The Creative Life Television, otherwise known as TCL TV, has been unveiled with fun fare in Lagos.

The launch was witnessed by major home appliance dealers across Nigeria and top business leaders.

The new television brand, which is rated number three in the world and Americas fastest growing brand, got to Nigeria with improved picture resolution, viewing experience and a value based pricing model.

While introducing the product to the media and dealers in Lagos, TCL Chairman, Mr.Adnan Mehdi said: “TCL, the fastest growing brand in technology, is growing to become the number one in the nearest future. We are doing everything possible to offer this premium brand to home in Nigeria.”

Its Managing Director, Mr. Hassan Mehdi, said “We have established a new entity for TCL to build trust, transparency and confidence. We hope you enjoy this experience.”

TCL being a global manufacturer of smart products and provider of internet application services was founded in 1981. It has grown from a small joint venture, producing audio tapes in Huizhou into a global corporation, which engage in a wide range of business such as telephone, TV, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and many more.

According to Mehdi, ever since its invention in 1981, the brand has globally gained recognition with 19 years of international development history that has produced 13173307 sets taking 27 per cent in the North American market, South America 47 per cent and Europe 73 per cent.

He said the brand is looking to take a major chunk of the entire African market with its entry through Nigeria.

TCL Marketing Manager, Jeff Yao said the brand has been designed to meet consumers’ television demand.

“Our cumulative investment is over $278 million and we are committed to serving our customers to bring our global community together,” he said.

He continued: “To achieve this, we have designed corporate social responsibility activities that will directly impact the communities and innovative advertising techniques that will help dealers and retailers penetrate the market.

“We have ambassadors all over and as well more show rooms across Africa.”

Having a global footprint, as it has gotten over 7,000 employees worldwide with 22 manufacturing facilities and having sales organisations in over 80 markets across the globe and covering over 160 markets.

While highlighting the brand’s features, TCL’s Sales & Marketing Director, Mr. Ajay David, said: “The brand has of 4 variants. QLED Android, UHD smart, FHD smart and HD/FHD basic. The televisions are really digital so it’s to everyone’s advantage, most other television are analog and are not having AV out this is where this television becomes distinct. Other television doesn’t have HEVC High Efficiency Video Codec, which enables playing of Netflix and Amazon Prime content on FHD televisions.

Other television lacks these qualities. It’s faster and very smooth and also has a dynamic bridge (HDR). It has motion experience because it’s capable of delivering motion and speed technology (MEMC) for a smooth gaming experience.

“The important feature is TCast, which enables you to download an application from Play Store, whatever you are watching you can cast it to television and can take screen shots to watch later. You can reverse cast the TV content to mobile phone so that one wouldn’t miss any moment of an interesting programme.

They have launched the new series of FHD android TV’s and one top of the line model C6, its a QLED android television with artificial intelligence-monitors everything you are doing, you can also google search with voice recognition, you can ask any questions on this smart television.”

It’s a game changer, you can chrome and in short, it has a wide viewing angle of experience, which is beautiful from front and back.“

Over 5500 engineers are at TCL customer service available worldwide in 12 different languages. It provides services across China, North America, Europe, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and here in Nigeria. The Nigerian service center covers Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja for after sales services in addition to the numerous franchise service partners gives the customers peace of mind in case they are having any problems or challenges with their products.



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