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Forbes research finds what young and old people use social media for



Students and their parents use social media for different reasons.
Students use social media as a way to express who they are. They keep family members and friends up to date on what’s going on in their lives.
Recently the older generation of the population has started using social media. According to the Forbes Website, Pew found that 79 percent of adults who are online in the U.S. used Facebook. Instagram came in second with a distant 32 percent score. Pew is a national research organization.
“My mom uses Facebook primarily and has gotten pretty good at it, she also used to be on Twitter but no one followed her back so she stuck with Facebook,” Junior Olivia Stinson said.
Stinson said she used Facebook just to keep in contact with her family and friends around the world.
Senior Vaughn Suits uses social media to chat with people and see what everyone is up to.
“I use Instagram for promotion. Over the summer I started a clothing brand named Off brand Clothing LLC, I use Instagram to get exposure to new eyes from all around,” he said.
Now that social media is part of most people’s daily routines, it’s hard to envision a world without it. Stinson finds lots of inspiration for her art from sites like Tumblr.
Freshman Ava Macke said that she uses Instagram and Twitter daily to see what is going on in her life. Macke started with Facebook just like many others have.
Students at Doane have generally shifted towards Instagram and Twitter-like apps to communicate.
There has been a draw for the older generation to use social media. Doane Students have made the comment that, in broad terms, “Dads do not use social media.”
“At least, if they do it’s rarer than their mom’s using social media,” Suits said. “I started on Facebook but my Dad is completely off the map when it comes to social media, but my mom uses Facebook and Instagram.”
41 percent of women say they use Facebook compared to only 16 percent of men according to Forbes.

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