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Senator Ogbuoji felicitates with Ebonyi on New Year’s Day, urges them to rewrite their history at the polls


The Ebonyi State APC gubernatorial hopeful, Senator Sonni Ogbuoji has wished the people of the state a blissful and wonderful new year this 2019, and also thanked them for their discipline and tenacity through years of bad governance under Governor David Umahi.

Ogbuoji who sent his New Year message to the people praised their strength in enduring through what he called a painful and crushing regime that has had no place for their future or comfort.

In his message on 2019 New Year’s morning he challenged and reminded the people of the state that 2019 is a year of decision when they will have the opportunity of rewriting their political history and right all the wrongs of the past through the wise use of the ballots.

He assured them that the year is one when the people will decide whether they cherish the bondage they have been through over the years or say an absolute no and move away from tyranny.

‘The year will usher in a new government that is a far cry from what we have right now, and the government that will be put in place after you voted me in will be one where no child is stopped from going to school because the family can’t afford school fees. We have enough to make sure the children don’t drop out of school because they can’t pay the fee. We will give bursary awards and offer scholarships to enable the young Ebonyians acquire good and qualitative education. I remind you that anyone that does not care much about you getting education wants you to remain under permanent servitude, and that is not acceptable to us.

‘I persuade you to vote me to bring an end to nepotism and other retrogression signs.

Therefore, as 2019 comes, I want you to bear some important dates in mind; and the dates are February 16 when the presidential and National Assembly elections would hold. I want you to vote the APC all the way and ensure that the nation enjoys good governance. We have the best candidates at that level from the presidency to the National Assembly candidates of our state.

“Also, March 2, 2019 is another D-day when the gubernatorial polls will hold and will afford the opportunity to vote out Umahi and restore the hope of the people of the state in government. That decision will liberate Ebonyi from servitude, bondage, multiple taxation, tyranny and the appropriation of the government of the state by one man and his family members.

“It will also mark an end to workers working without promotion or pensioners being denied their benefits at retirement. So as you vote me to be your governor, you actually vote to regain your state lost to one man and his family.

As the days draw nearer and we all see this new year of renewed hope, let’s resolve to vote wisely and create the government that will be the envy of all eastern Nigerian states.”

It is my prayer that God takes Ebonyi State higher and give us more peace while I urge you all to work towards a peaceful election and avoid the temptation of those that would want to lure you into chaos to disrupt an election they already know will take them out of power.”


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