Home Politics 70 vehicles from Umahi to military, paramilitary is bribe, afterthought –APC

70 vehicles from Umahi to military, paramilitary is bribe, afterthought –APC


The Senator Sonni Ogbuoji Campaign Organization has described as daylight bribe, the donation of 70 operational vehicles to the military and paramilitary in Ebonyi State by the governor, David Umahi.

Governor Umahi had distributed the vehicles to the bodies on January 15 in Abakaliki according to him to boost their operation.

But in reaction, the APC group reminded that the same Umahi had  on January 6 accused the launch of the operation as disguised rigging movement by the federal government using the soldiers of the Nigeria Army.

This was said by the Director General of the Campaign Organization, Senator Anthony Agbo. Agbo asked’

‘How did the same man who called the Operation Python Dance III a ploy by the federal government to use the soldiers to rig elections turn around after nine days to praise the same group. This is doublespeak and sign of inconsistency and insincerity.

‘We want to let Nigerians know that the vehicles Umahi distributed to the military and paramilitary and his recant were from the pressure he faces inside from his wild utterances.

Nigerians should know that the vehicles were meant for his election rigging enforcers and operatives. We said it earlier that the PDP in the state has been stockpiling arms and ammunition in at least two locations in every local government.

‘The government also sewed army and police uniforms for its illegal Neighbourhood Watch intended to be used to deceive citizens and intimidate them on election days on the streets and at the polling stations.

It was the coming of the Operation Python Dance, like a heavenly intervention, that neutralized all those, and after he had wept over it as widely reported in the media that;“Ebonyi, and indeed the entire South East, will resist with vigour, any attempt to rig during the elections, using security agencies as tools. “The only way Nigeria will exist beyond 2019 is for credible elections to hold where all security agencies would be seen to be neutral,” he commenced this drama to mend his ways.

‘We urge Ebonyians and the federal government and even the agencies that got the vehicles not to be taken in by his sugarcoated gaffes. His words and gifts are Greek gifts. They are meant to induce and subtly coerce.

‘As we urge the agencies to receive the vehicles and boost their operation, we also want them never to forget that they should be fair to all during the elections while using the vehicles Umahi donated to them. Those vehicles were not bought from his personal income, but government fund and we urge you to be professional and not to be taken in by the antics of the governor to use them and induce your just service.’ u


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