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LIAR; APC never asked you to host Buhari, Ogbuoji blasts Umahi


Senator Sonni Ogbuoji, the Ebonyi State APC gubernatorial candidate has asked the public to disregard a claim in the media by Governor David Umahi that he has been contacted by the national leadership of the APC to assist and host President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday next week.

Ogbuoji in a statement stated pointedly that; ‘I was with Mr. President, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the APC national chairman and the Director General of the President Buhari Campaign Organisation, Hon. Chibuike Amaechi at the State House two nights ago and there was never a time our discussion raised any doubts about the capacity of the state Ebonyi APC to host the president.

‘And in case of any doubt, the structure of the party allows for zonal synergy to the extent that if, and assuming any state cannot host Mr. President in his campaign tours, the zone intervenes and does that. At no point in time does the party allow a governor from another party to host the president on his campaign tour which is strictly a party affair.

‘In the other states already visited, the only thing the governor does is just to welcome the president and it ends there. And I would promise that since Umahi sounds this way and trying to arrogate to himself the success of the rally he has foreseen and which everybody in the state knows, we would ask that he doesn’t come near President Buhari to welcome him on arrival.’

Ogbuoji cautioned Umahi to desist so far from his anti-party activities and hold his peace over the campaign trip of President Buhari.

‘He had said enough and needs not say more to expose himself as unsure of his standing. He should do his personality some honour and reserve some modicum of decorum as a governor and stop announcing it to the whole world he works against his own party, the PDP. There should be limits to certain stray talks. This is not the only state Mr. President visited, and we saw decorous governors from other parties welcoming him with dignified mien, why Umahi must be the one to always ridicule Ebonyi with these valueless utterances, I still don’t know.

‘I will urge Umahi to steer clear of the event that day and watch how it would flop. Since he boasts that the APC doesn’t pose a threat to him in Ebonyi, a normal politician would rather stay away and allow the emptiness of his enemy or opposition laid bare before the public.

‘He had earlier talked about loaning 2000 members of his party, that he doesn’t even have in his rallies to the hosting, and now lying against the APC national leadership. I can say all these shenanigans are signs Umahi is unsettled by the success of the hosting he had already seen from him intelligence. He belongs to the PDP and should for once hide his dual personality and betrayal politics against his party.

‘Umahi, please, face your PDP and let the APC be because we are not political double dealers like you,’ he coached the governor.


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