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Ogbuoji to Umahi; Betrayal is your real name


Senator Sonni Ogbuoji, the Ebonyi State gubernatorial candidate for the March 2 election has told Governor David Umahi that the governor’s true name is betrayer and the totality of his life is betrayal

He said this in response to Umahi’s accusation that he, Ogbuoji, is a betrayer in an online report quoting the governor at a campaign rally in Ezza North, Ebonyi State,

However, Ogbuoji rapped Umahi that everything about the governor is betrayal and it is betrayal that is the lifeblood that flows in his veins.

‘If I am a betrayer, Umahi himself is betrayal and has demonstrated it with every dealing he ever had all his life. Number one betrayal by Umahi is the betrayal of the people of Ebonyi that voted him into power whom he abandoned and reduced to slaves especially the workers and cornered everything about governance to himself and his family members. He betrayed the business community and placed on them a heavy burden of tax and never makes returns of the tax to government reason his higher taxes have yielded lower revenue for the state.

‘Umahi betrayed former Governor Martin Elechi and destroyed all he did in office even to the detriment of the state.

‘Umahi betrayed the future of the state by mismanaging the schools and causing 36 of the secondary schools to be deregistered by WAEC, by not providing facilities and making the children study under leaking roofs and siting on classroom floors.

‘You betrayed the workers by denying them promotion in four years and underpaying them to stop them from raising and feeding their children.

‘You betrayed the state by your policy to return the Abakaliki region to the guinea worm scourge by shutting down the Oferekpe water scheme and making sure the city and adjoining LGAs don’t have water in the homes for 19 months.

‘You betrayed Elechi by seizing his pay that is due a former governor since you came to power, as you also betrayed him by destroying the projects you did as contractor under his administration.

‘You betrayed all of us that made you governor in 2015 by calling us fools and taking decisions without consulting anybody that is why you don’t have what is commonly called the kitchen cabinet because you run a one-man government by yourself and for yourself.

‘Umahi betrayed us by imposing on the south east PDP his younger brother as the national vice chairman, imposing his other brother as the tradition ruler of his town. Umahi betrayed even his close workers by refusing to pay them reason they keep complaining.

‘Regarding his words that I never served anybody and can’t be served, I forgive him because a dictator doesn’t know what service means for a leader. I cannot serve Umahi because I wasn’t elected to serve him. I serve the people that elected me and whose mandate I hold and I have done that through my impacts on them.

The one that will lose for not serving is Umahi because he never served the people according to the oath of his office he took. After working with Elechi, he paid him back with destruction.’

He also asked Umahi to learn the procedure of prayers to God and how He answers prayers. The prayers of a man his hands are not clean because he plans only frustration for others and so selfish that his being in office has made life worse for the people never crosses the ceiling and God of justice doesn’t answer them.

Umahi should first pray for himself to drop the mind of callousness and ingratitude to God who gave him the privilege of becoming a governor by annihilating humanity. Why should God answer a man who admitted planting people to undermine me. That is great evil before God to sow discord and frustrate people and the only reward he reaps for that is frustration.

I want to tell him that it is too late for him to go into all this. The only thing left for Umahi is to organize his mind and accept the imminent end of leaving office by the people’s mandate on March 2.’


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