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Ebonyi PDP cry of rigging is sign it has accepted defeat, says Ogbuoji


Senator Sonni Ogbuoji, the Ebonyi State APC gubernatorial candidate has carpeted the state’s PDP members and supporters of Governor David Umahi for what he called a baby’s whine for nothing.

Ogbuoji said the cries of the Umahi political clan that the federal government has rigged the forthcoming election for him is baseless and shameful, and most of all a sign that he has accepted defeat prior to the elections.

The senator spoke in response to the mock demonstration of the PDP members in Abakaliki who staged a protest to welcome the new Commissioner of Police to the state.

It was laughable that while the new Inspector General of Police posted new police commissioners to all states in Nigeria, Umahi and his members single out that of Ebonyi to mean election rigging. But looking at it from another way, I would ask them if they had planned rigging with the former commissioner and now distraught that the old plan was bungled.

I have said it several times that Umahi is afraid of his past. He knows how he got to power in 2015 and fears that the tradition still remains. But that tradition has changed even from Abuja, and most of all, he expelled himself from the masses and I have grabbed them to dethrown Umahi and that must be done.

I want to tell him that nobody plans any rigging against him. He actually rigged the election against himself. He rigged himself out by enslaving over 600,000 workers who are also voters and very enlightened citizens.

Umahi rigged the election against himself through the impoverishment of the people of the state, his discrimination against the Anambra community of Abakaliki, our own brothers, that control the private sector economy of the state through his crushing tax regime. Umahi rigged the election against himself and in my favour when he refused to fix the schools and 36 secondary schools got delisted by WAEC while over 100 are on probation list.

I want to remind Umahi that he concluded the elections in my favour thereby rigging himself out when he didn’t see any need to provide healthcare or improve the state of our hospitals making the people prone to avoidable deaths.

Umahi you lost the election long ago when you ill heartedly stopped water running in homes in Abakaliki by shutting down the Oferekpe water scheme and deliberately making sure the Abakaliki guinea worm scourge returns and punishing the people. Why won’t he lose after he carried on like a god that doesn’t need the people. He even at a time boasted that he doesn’t need the votes of the workers to win.

Any leader that wants to remain in power doesn’t take the people that brought him to power, I mean the voters. for granted. But in Umahi’s case, he denigrated the elders, sidelined the kingmakers and disregarded the masses. So on what foothold would you stand to remain or retain power.

I sincerely know that the people with Umahi who are actually misleading him and also working against him by mocking him at the back because he doesn’t even spare them in his ways. So you can see that the governor planned and executed his imminent defeat.

The outgoing governor knows that the people vote someone into power and not rigging and I remain grateful he remained a selfish governor to the end and made it very easy for me to replace him.

I would also ask the new police commissioner, other security chiefs and the masses of the state to disregard Umahi and his hired demonstrators who refused to advise him to be kind to his people while in power.

And I will win Umahi through the votes of the people who have been victims of Umahi’s bad administration and his selfishness that made him and his immediate family members to corner governance of the state to themselves alone.


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