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Ogbuoji vows against violence in Ebonyi polls as he ends campaign tour


The Ebonyi State APC gubernatorial candidate for the March 2 election, Senator Sonni Ogbuoji has emphasized that he stands totally against any form of violence in the coming elections.

He said this at Edda, his hometown, at a campaign rally attended by thousands of supporters on what became the largest turnout at his campaigns.

The senator had commenced his campaign tour of the LGs of the state at Ishielu, the council at the northern tip of the state sharing border with Enugu and ended at Edda on February 12, another border council next to Abia State.

While he addressed the crowd with his wife, Mrs. Scholastica, he told his supporters that there are many plans and intentions to drag the state into violence by some forces and candidates, especially from the ruling party, but strongly admonished them against falling for the bait.

‘They are out to tempt, cajole and incite you into violence because they think that would help their lost cause, but I urge you to be steadfast and never yield to that. That is the real plan behind the wanton destruction of my campaign signs, especially pulling down my billboards and tearing off my posters and those of other APC candidates.

The case of PDP in the state concerning the forthcoming guber race is akin to that of the bereaved mother before King Solomon in the Bible who persuaded that the live baby be dissected in two, so that the other mother would lose like she did. But even in that court, wisdom prevailed on the part of the mother who never wanted to lose her baby because she had a good case and needed to preserve it with all she had.

‘Please don’t let them rope you into fisticuffs, street fight, arson, violence and any conduct against the law during the elections. I say this because I know I am going to win Governor David Umahi and he is doing his best to find means of scuttling a peaceful election in the state.

I have vowed not to give him an opportunity to actualize that intention, and I have resolved that no life would be lost in this state because of my mandate. I will also do all within my power not to allow the PDP in the state to plunge the state into crises. That will not happen because every life matters to me, after all, I am vying to lead human beings with life in them. If they die because of power, who then would I lead when I come to power.

‘But unfortunately, not many of us think this way and they do their best to incite in their words, cajole in their acts and drag everyone into chaos. Don’t forget that Umahi had said it several times that he would crush and grind anyone that stands his way or contests against him. But we will do our best to avoid their vile acts that come from the vile words.

‘Our only wish is that whoever sows shall reap also according to his works.’

At the rally that turned a carnival to also celebrate the conclusion of his council tours, a former Commissioner for Information in the state and the Managing Director of the Ebonyi Printing Press, Chief Abia Onyeike and over 34 other appointees of Umahi defected to the APC to join forces with Ogbuoji.

It was also another opportunity during which over 65 civil servants and pensioners from Edda also defected as a group to join Ogbuoji.

While addressing the crowd after the defections, the wife of the gubernatorial candidate, Mrs. Ogbuoji welcomed the new supporters and also urged them in line with her husband’s words to shun violence and dedicate all their support to peaceful election in the state.

He called on them to ignore entreaties by the opposition that would lead to mayhem during the elections and face the task of winning the battle.

‘I am a mother and all children belong to us mothers. No mother, just like me, would want to lose her child to election violence. I therefore call on mothers and fathers to caution their children against being used by others for their political gain at the expense of their lives.’


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