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Russia to disconnect itself from world internet



The Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting has announced that Russian authorities and the country’s major internet providers are getting ready to launch a test that will see Russian internet space (Runet) cut off from the rest of the world (via ZDNet).

The test is expected to happen sometime before April 1 this year and is being conducted to provide feedback and potential modification to a Russian law passed in December than mandated that Russia ISPs could ensure the independence of Russia’s internet in case the government needed to pull the kill switch and sever the country’s internet from the global web.

Such a move might happen if Russia finds itself coming under increased cyberattack from its enemies–something that seems likely considering how adept Russia is at using the internet to interfere with other countries.

The test is also, worryingly, a sign that the Splinternet is that much closer to reality. The so-called Splinternet is a fractured web, where the global internet has been consigned to the dustbin of history in favor of regional or national intranets in the name of cyber sovereignty and security.


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