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Ogbuoji warns Ebonyi workers against deceit from Umahi


The Ebonyi State APC candidate, Senator Sonni Ogbuoji has advised the state civil servants who he said have been slaves in the hands of the governor, Chief David Umahi to beware of his last minute antics to deceive them to vote him again.

Ogbuoji sounded the warning in reaction to underground moves by Umahi using his agents and family members who go promising the workers of goodies at this last minute of his tenure.

There have been reported moves lately by Umahi and state agents to soft talk the workers into re-electing him and he warned that they should not forget it is the same governor who has denied them all benefits, even full salaries and also two weeks ago lied on live broadcast that he had paid them the backlog of allowances.

Don’t forget you have not got a dime after his false announcement of paying all your allowances two weeks ago.

Don’t also forget that he is the same governor that used police to barricade the gate of the Ebonyi State University three weeks ago and stopped the planned protest of the workers over their 25 months backlog of allowances and till now, nothing has been paid.

Ogbuoji further reminded the workers that Umahi recently announced to his inner circle that he would pay the new minimum wage on one condition which is to retire all senior officers of the state from GL12 upwards.

He stressed that Umahi pretending and promising through his agents, which include his brothers, to be nice is a decoy that is never true. He asked; If Umahi so treated you workers with disdain when he had his eyes on second tenure contest, I leave it to your imagination how debased you would be in his eyes if he returns when he has nothing at stake any longer.

He warned them to distance themselves from Umahi’s tricks recalling that it was the same Umahi that said sometime last year that he doesn’t need the vote of the workers to win. Since he didn’t need the votes last year and until now, let him manufacture the votes that will return him without the workers support.

He still reassured them of his earlier decision to pay the workers the minimum wage as agreed between the governments and the organized labour, and with further promise to give the workers their rights and privileges including their backlog of allowances immediately he comes into power.


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