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Ebonyi APC raises alarm over PDP’s pre-written election results


The leadership of the All Progressives Alliance, APC, in Ebonyi State has raised the alarm calling on security agents, the federal government and the public that the state PDP and government Monday, March 4 drafted top staffers of the INEC in the state through the connivance of the state Resident Electoral Commission, REC, to start thumb-printing ballot papers in the government house.

 A statement by the party secretariat signed by the chairman, Pastor Eze Nwachukwu Eze said the government officials working with INEC have been in the illegal work at the orders of the government in a chamber in the government house close to the Governor’s Lodge.

He also alleged that the actors are also writing results as the INEC in the state made available result sheets as part of the payments the government made to some INEC chiefs in the state before the last elections

He also noted that right now, there are plans concluded on how the state government will distribute N1m each to every Electoral Officer and N500,000 to SPOs and others at the Women Development Centre on Ezza Road Friday evening, just before the election.

According to reliable sources that confided in the party leadership, there are also plans to unleash violence on the state, especially the leaders and members of the APC between Thursday and Friday night. He also noted that in the plan, some APC leaders would be targeted for either kidnap or house arrest before the election.

The state party office also called on the police, the DSS and the Nigerian Army to be on the watch out for a certain soldier simply identified as Sergeant Samuel, from Uburu, the governor’s hometown, and related to the governor by marriage who has been penciled down to champion a siege to Ohaozara LGA on March 9 to ensure that voters are so terrorized and traumatized not to come out and vote and also allow a situation where the PDP would have the chance to stuff the ballot boxes and write results in favour of the state governor.

The state APC tasked the security agencies in the state to do its best and protect members and leaders of the APC prior to the elections and forestall any planned mayhem on the state that would frustrate the elections of Saturday and give the state PDP undue advantage to hijack the process and write results in its favour in connivance with the INEC as they did on February 23.

We want the nation to know that Ebonyi has become a volatile state for the elections and a place the whole nation’s security apprati should watch closely, the state INEC has been also terribly compromised that results were written during the last election, reason about 55,000 votes were later cancelled as they did not reflect on the car readers.

Pastor Eze Nwachukwu Eze

APC chairman


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