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Ebonyi APC Campaign Council denies Agbo on allegations against Ogbuoji


The Senator Sonni Ogbuoji Campaign Council for the past gubernatorial election has dissociated itself from a press statement emanating from the Director General, Senator Anthony Agbo where he accused Ogbuoji of being partly responsible for the failure of the party in the elections.

The body spoke in unison in reaction to the statement by Agbo to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, where he alleged that the blames for the failure go to Ogbuoji.

The reaction by all the members of the council apart from Agbo said the DG has no right or powers to speak for the entire body without their mandate.

‘Agbo is the DG of the body, but not the body. If he has spoken and said he spoke for himself, that would be acceptable. But for him to go to the public and make statements attributed to the Council without the consent of the body actually questions his reputation and the role he played in what actually resulted in the poor performance of the party.

To lay credence to the falsity of the ridiculous move by Agbo, he addressed the press, just one media group, and just all by himself. We therefore question how and why Agbo as a person should be ‘the Council’.

We met some days ago at Enugu where the issue arose that the council should make its position known on what transpired. But we left with the conclusion that since he mooted a readiness to prepare the statement, he should do so after which another meeting would be summoned for all members to make their inputs and deliver same to Senator Ogbuoji first, and later to party elders before it goes public.

It speaks volumes of questionable integrity on his part to go ahead rubbishing that agreement and hurry to the press with such spurious statement and attribute it to all of us. And to show that he was actually playing a strange script, no member of the party was at his private press briefing, neither did the elders of the party know. All the members drawn from all the LGAs of the state, all seasoned politicians with integrity view this with anger and disdain that such move was by someone looked up to as a leader of the party.

‘But we have drawn our conclusion from this development and need not look far to find out what actually went wrong or who actually betrayed or worked against the party from inside.’

Also, the media office of the Ogbuoji Campaign Organisation questioned the veracity of the claims by Agbo against the person of Ogbuoji, when he actually funded the campaigns and also the House of Assembly candidates especially.

On the campaign rallies at the LGAs, Ogbuoji funded them with some contributions from other candidates. He also attended all but those of Ebonyi and Abakaliki LGAs that held on February 11 because he was away in Abuja to attend to party issues still related to the campaign.

The media office challenged Agbo to name the council members he conferred with and had their consent for the press statement. This was after the media office had spoken to about four members of the council who expressed their anger and distanced themselves from the shock and ambush politics of Agbo depicted in the discredited press briefing.

In December last year, there were accusations that he had been having meetings with Umahi on several occasions, which Ogbuoji confronted him with and he denied. At the build-up to the elections, there was also a strong rumour that he had been paid by the PDP.

These days, there have also been rumours around Agbo and some two other APC members and National Assembly candidates that they worked with Umahi who promised to secure them federal appointments. So we can conveniently say Agbo is working the script of his allies against his own party and the only reason he could embark on this image denting act to demonize Ogbuoji and get his targeted federal appointment.

But we want to inform the national leadership of the party that every attempt of Agbo to tarnish Ogbuoji’s image is an effort futility.


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