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China’s upcoming horticultural expo shows effort in green development


By Nguon Sovan, Mao Pengfei

The upcoming 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition truly illustrated China’s effort and commitment to promote green development, a Cambodian official has said.

   Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen will attend the opening ceremony of the expo, where he will also inaugurate the Cambodia pavilion, said Commerce Ministry Under Secretary of State and Spokesman Seang Thay.

   “We’ve prepared our products to display at the horticultural expo in Beijing,” he told Xinhua, adding: “We expect to make more cooperation with other countries who also join the expo in Beijing, and we can show our Cambodian products to the world market.”

   A Chinese slogan there – “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” – clearly reflected China’s effort to boost green development,  Seang Thay said.

   “Yes, I fully agreed with this slogan. For myself, I think that this slogan is very important for this expo and very meaningful because better environment is good for us, for all of people who are living on the earth,” the spokesman said.

   “For Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia tries our best to protect environment,” he said, adding that Cambodia also had a slogan encouraging people to love green development; it says “Tourism is Green Gold”.

   Seang Thay said the expo’s theme “Live Green, Live Better” would inspire people to love environment, which is part of their daily lives and health.

   He said the Cambodian government had been trying its best to promote the concept of green development by urging people not to use plastic bags and straws.

   “Now, if you go to supermarket, after you buy some products, if you want a plastic bag, you have to pay 10 (U.S.) cents, not for free,” he said, adding that it was a tradition for Cambodian people in the old time to carry woven baskets to market to put items they had bought.

   Maly Riya, a senior at the Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC), said the slogan “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” demonstrated that China had paid high attention to environment protection.

   “I completely agreed with this slogan because it reminds people to love green development, to work together to protect nature in order to build a green world,” she told Xinhua.

   “It also shows China’s commitment to promoting green development,” the 23-year-old student said.

   Tih Chamroeunreach, another senior at the PUC, said that in Cambodia, people joined to protect environment through planting trees, cleaning cities, reducing the use of plastic bags and so on.

   “These activities also contribute to developing tourism sector, which is described as ‘Green Gold’ in Cambodia,” he told Xinhua.

   The 162-day expo is poised to impress an expected number of 16 million visitors from China and abroad with a huge collection of plants, flowers and eye-catching pavilions as well as ideas for green development.

   More than 110 countries and international organizations as well as over 120 non-official exhibitors have confirmed participation, marking the highest attendance in the expo’s history.

   The exhibitors will present their latest achievements in floriculture in the 503-hectare expo site at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing’s Yanqing District. 



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