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Chinese medical team in Ghana offers free service to local workers


It is a relief for Maurice, a 23-year-old Ghanaian worker, to find out that the possibilities of contracting major diseases related to his high blood pressure had all been ruled out after a series of medical examinations by Chinese doctors. 

   More surprisingly, all the procedures are finished in the factory where Maurice works in a timely manner, and totally for free.

   “I never expect to receive such a professional consultation here before, it’s like the doctors actually moved a hospital to our factory,” said Maurice.

   Chinese medical team in Ghana on Saturday rolled out free service for around 200 local workers in Ghana’s KEDA ceramics company, covering many subjects including acupuncture and ophthalmology.

   Maurice said the service is “quite necessary”, adding that ordinary people living in the country’s remote areas still struggle to pay for their medical bills because of high medication prices despite their medical insurance.

   “We give them basic examination such as blood pressure and glucose test, and once we find something wrong with their health, we will send them for further test immediately, ” said Zhang Yong, a member of the Chinese medical team.

   “We really appreciate all the medical staff’s hard work, they are not only giving our workers free physical examinations but also promoting health knowledge among local workers, which come as a comfort to us all ,” said Li Wei, manager of the company, adding that the company will do its best to protect the health of local workers.

   China has been sending medical teams to Ghana since 2009, which has been recognized by the Ghanaian government and widely lauded by its people.

   “We will continue to offer more medical service to Ghanaians, especially for those in poverty-stricken areas,” said Liu Qiuhong, head of the medical team.



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