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China’s first national maritime museum to spur sea protection awareness


By Kou Jie, People’s Daily

Scheduled to open to the public in June 2019, China’s first national maritime museum in the harbor city of Tianjin is expected to provide a visual feast for ocean lovers around the globe, as well as abundant materials for China’s maritime research and protection.

Covering an area of 150,000 square meters, the three-story museum has been dubbed the “ocean version of China’s Palace Museum,” as its 23,000-square-meter exhibition hall covers a wide range of themes including marine ecology and environment, science education and interactive programs, as well as Chinese maritime culture and history.

Featuring countless life-size models of ancient marine animals, precious fossils and cultural relics, the museum aims to provide its audience a comprehensive understanding of the abundance of China’s ocean resources. Historical records documenting ancient Chinese exploration of the oceans will also be included in the museum’s collection, showing China’s long history as a leading maritime power.

In addition to an extensive collection of maritime materials, cutting-edge technologies have also been used to help the visitors have a better understanding of ocean ecology. Smart encyclopedia and online searching systems enable visitors to acquire specific information about sea life, while an AI-controlled lighting system and VR equipment will provide the audience with an immersive experience into the deep ocean.

On May 1st, the National Maritime Museum went into trial operation, offering free access to Chinese citizens to have a sneak peek into the enormous museum. According to the museum, all exhibition centres will open to the public in June, along with high-tech interactive programs, while themed shopping centres, cultural product shops will also be available in June.


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