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US escalation of trade frictions with China to shock world economy


US ignorance of world trade norms and sticking to unilateralism will bring huge losses to the world, said foreign officials visiting China when commenting on U.S. moves to escalate trade frictions with China.

   They expressed hope that the United States would change its attitude and hold dialogues with China to resolve differences.

   Countries from all over the world have been dedicated to building and protecting the multilateral trade system for a long time, and have benefitted a lot from it, said Kalla Ankourao, Niger’s minister of foreign affairs.

   If a leading world power adopts unilateralism and objects to free trade, the global economy will suffer uncontrollable results, Ankourao said.

   Alvaro Garcia, director of the Uruguayan Office for Planning and Budget, said the Chinese government had expressed readiness to continue consultations on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

“I appreciate China’s attitude,” he said.

   Garcia said the United States had been accusing Chinese tech companies without evidence. He said he feared that the restrictions on Chinese enterprises would hinder the development of science and technology and eventually harm all humanity.

   “What the world needs is cooperation and opening-up, not restriction and confrontation,” Garcia said.

   The U.S. moves aim to keep Chinese companies away from the forefront of 5G network building and keep Chinese technology away from the global market, said Artem Semenov, an official with the United Russia party.

   He added that, with the deepening economic globalization, it was impossible for any country to play a domineering role. Countries should strive to build a new type of international relations of mutual respect, equality, justice, and win-win cooperation.

   Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said the United States was taking unjustified measures to restrain China from growing.

   Voicing support for China, Rodriguez said Cuba was firmly opposed to the unilateral restrictive and discriminatory measures taken by the United States.

   Uruguay believes that an open mindset is what current international relations need, Garcia said. “We hope the United States will look to the future rather than the past.” 



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