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Story of man that stole 1,000 times over 27 years


For 27 years, a small community in the woods of Maine was burglarized more than 1,000 times before finding the culprit. Who was the culprit behind these crimes?

The answer is stranger than you’d think…

In the summer of 1986, a bright 20-year-old named Christopher Thomas Knight was driving his brand new Subaru Brat through his home state of Maine. He reached a remote patch of wilderness but kept driving.

Eventually, he parked the car as deep in the woods as a car could reach. He left his keys behind, and walked away — slowly getting swallowed up by the endless woods around him.

Knight ended up in the North Pond area of Maine — a community packed full of vacation homes, cabins, and a summer camp that fed many. He got lost and had no idea where he was in comparison to where he began. He ate roadkill to survive, and would take vegetables from strangers’ gardens when he’d pass by. It became clear what he had to do to survive.

He began stealing from the homes, one by one. He would study the residents in the area to see when they would come and go from their homes and find the perfect time to break in. He began to memorize every step from his campsite to each of his prime locations.

The years continued to fly by, and he kept stealing and surviving. The more this happened, the more people in the community were talking about it. He was welcomed, and he was feared. No one knew who or what was breaking into their cabins. Some residents even began leaving a pencil and paper out for him, asking to write what he needed from the store so they could just buy it and he wouldn’t need to break in anymore. He never responded.

He was never violent in his thefts and it seemed some people didn’t mind helping the ghost survive — while others struggled to keep their peace of mind.



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