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Govt bans 40-year-old mom of 44 from more birth


Ugandan woman of 40 years who has 44 kids seems to have embarrassed the government with births that she has incurred a ban from more procreation.

The woman who has had 44 children by the time she hit 36-years-old has been ordered to stop having more children.

However, Mariam Nabatanzi has been ordered not to undergo anymore pregnancies and doctors have even stepped in and ‘cut my uterus from inside’, according to the Courier Mail .
The 40-year-old has suffered a brutal life and now struggles to provide for all her children.
She was married to her husband – who is 28 years her senior – when she was just 12, and gave birth to their first set of twins a year later. Three years ago, Mariam was abandoned by her husband, leaving her to care for the 38 surviving children they had together.

After she gave birth to her first set of twins, Mariam went to see the doctor, who told her she had unusually large ovaries and taking contraceptives such as the pill could result in health complications.
Mariam’s mum left her, her five siblings and her dad when she was just three days old. Her dad then remarried and the stepmother killed her siblings by mixing glass with their food . Mariam only avoided the same fate because she was visiting a relative at the time.

She’s worked odd jobs to provide for her children and admits that their living conditions aren’t ideal.
Her children have to pack into rooms and sleep on metal bunk beds and dirty floors, with everyone helping with the chores. In a typical day, she says the family consume around 25kg of maize flour.
Her eldest, Ivan Kibuka, had to drop out of school to help out his mum.
He said: “Mum is overwhelmed, the work is crushing her, we help where we can, like in cooking and washing, but she still carries the whole burden for the family. I feel for her.”
Having endured such a difficult childhood, and having lost six children of her own, Mariam’s biggest wish is for her children to be happy. Here’s hoping things get a bit easier for her.

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