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Nigerian minister admits 50% of citizens are dirt poor


After years of denial of the World Bank data that Nigeria has become the country with the largest pool of the poorest people on earth, a minister of the federal government in charge of humanitarian services admitted that 90m citizens live in abject poverty.

That figure is about half of the population of the country, aside estimates that put the population in 2017 at about 200m.

Humanitarian and Disaster Management and Social Development Minister, Sadiya Farouq, said this at the House of Representatives where she defended the 2020 budget of the ministry.

According to her, these poor folks are strewn all over the country, assuring that her ministry that is newly created as response to the crushing poverty that is ever growing is set to tackle the trend and reduce the figure over time.

She promised  that her ministry would achieve this aim by commiting  to strengthen coordination of humanitarian and disaster management efforts by multiple stakeholders, and also that the Ministry has enormous responsibility to address some of the underlying causes, drivers and consequences of humanitarian crises and underdevelopment including: relatively high poverty of nearly half (90 million) of the country‚Äôs 198 million population live in extreme poverty.

The proposed budget for the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons include: N474,306,285 for personnel, N165 million for resettlement of IDPs in the North East and Bakkasi returnees in the 2020 budget proposal.

Others include: N15 million for 1,000 IDPs enrolment into NHIS; N105 million for renovation/rent of 21,000,000 per state; N60 million Back to school fees; N105 million for drilling of borehole; N184 million for securing land for relocation and reintegration of IDPs in FCT, Nasarawa States and N110 million for 2,200 families as return assistance to North East, among others.


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