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Huawei founder quits subsidiary post, won’t affect operations


Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Chinese technology giant Huawei, has reportedly stepped down as a vice chairman of one of its subsidiaries in Beijing, a move that triggered discussion as to whether it would have any impact on Huawei’s operations amid the crackdown by the US.
Experts and sources noted on Sunday that with a strategy based on research and development (R&D), the company won’t be affected much by position changes at the senior executive level.
According to Chinese enterprise information provider tianyancha.com on Friday, Ren has stepped down from the position of vice chairman of one of Huawei’s subsidiaries in Beijing, which was founded in 2006.
The subsidiary’s business includes R&D on communication equipment, as well as sales and technical services for communication products. The company, whose name translates as Beijing Huawei Digital Technology Co is wholly owned by Huawei.
It could be a signal of Ren stepping down from senior positions of the technology giant. 
“The alteration in the subsidiary’s board members is only an internal adjustment,” Xiang Ligang, a veteran industry analyst, told the Global Times, noting that it won’t have any essential impact on Huawei.
It might just be a regular change of board members that amounts to an internal reshuffle, a person close to Huawei told the Global Times.
Huawei has developed a mature CEO rotation management model, which enables divisions of the company to operate in a relatively independent manner while still cooperating with each other, said

Global Times


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