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AU inducts 22 policemen to peacekeeping mission in Somalia


African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said Wednesday it has completed an induction course into the mission for 22 police officers from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda to help them understand Somali culture and operating environment.
   Augustine Magnus Kailie, AMISOM police officer who closed the training, urged the police officers to respect the laws of the country and be sensitive to the Somali culture.
   "You have to be kind and friendly with the Somali Police and understand their situation," Magnus told the officers according to a statement issued in Mogadishu by the AU mission.
   "It's not easy for a country to be at war and expect all things to be rosy. So you have to communicate with them, encourage them and tell them that in the future, they will also be on peacekeeping missions in other countries," he added.
   The seven-day course also acquainted the officers with the AMISOM mandate, the concept of operations, improvised explosive devices (IED) awareness, gender awareness and code of conduct.
   Isatu Kargbo, Assistant Superintendent of Police from Sierra Leone, said the induction course was timely and beneficial.
   "We are ready to work, that is why we are here to help bring peace together with my colleagues from other countries. We will impart knowledge that is being given to us to our counterparts from the Somali Police Force," she noted.
   Stephen Yeje, Superintendent of Police (SP) from Nigeria, noted that the induction course has broadened his knowledge about Somalia and he will be better placed to execute his mentoring and advising duties.
   "We see the Somali Police Force as partners. They will lead and we will give them support. We are here to help restore order in regards to peace and security," Stephen said.
   The officers from Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda replaced another group of Individual Police Officers (IPOs) who recently returned home after completing a year's tour of duty in Somalia.
   According to AMISOM, 2020 is a crucial year for Somalia and the deployment of these officers will boost the number of IPOs at both federal and regional levels.


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