Home Economy Economic zones by Chinese firms in Zambia to spur economic growth

Economic zones by Chinese firms in Zambia to spur economic growth


The creation of Multi Facility Economic Zones in Zambia by Chinese entrepreneurs will play a role in the economic growth of Zambia, a government official said on Wednesday.
   Lufwanyama District Commissioner Minniver Mtesa said the creation of business ventures by Chinese enterprises in Zambia as a move in the right direction.
   The establishment of economic zones has resulted in the creation of more jobs for the local people.
   "China still believes in its friendship with Zambia and keeps on strengthening is bilateral relations by investing in Zambia as a way to support the economic growth of our nation," she said.
   "Since the Chinese are innovative, we look forward to seeing them investment in agro processing plant in the farm bloc on the Copperbelt province of Zambia," she added.
   And Lufwanyama peasant farmer Morgan Mwape said farmers were ready to form co-operative schemes to supply raw materials to the would-be investors in the agro processing plant.
   Mwape is happy that increased Chinese investment in Zambia will bring about reduction in poverty levels through job creation.
   "The jobs that are being created by the Chinese counterparts are adding value to our economy," he said.
   On China and Zambia bilateral relations, Mwape said Zambia is bound to learn from China especially on how to grow its economy to benefit the citizenry.
   He has since called on Zambian government to ensure that Chinese investments are protected.  


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