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At least 50 airlines suspend flights to China amid coronavirus fears


As the number of people infected with the Wuhan coronavirus around the world grows, airlines have canceled or reduced flights to China, where the virus was discovered.

Their reasoning is a mix of reduced demand to visit the country and fear of the virus spreading, with numerous cities outside China reporting cases of the virus.

European and US airlines — along with some Asian airlines — largely make up the list of those reducing service or outright canceling flights to mainland China until the virus is under control. Some airlines have canceled flights as far out as the end of March.

Beijing and Shanghai are among the most affected cities, and some airlines have cut service to Hong Kong, a semiautonomous region of the country. Macau has remained largely unaffected. 

Those airlines that aren’t reducing service to China are typically making up for it by offering travel waivers for customers to change or cancel flights without a fee. Many are offering changes for those traveling on flights up to the end of February.

Here’s a list of airlines that have canceled flights to China.

Kazakhstan’s flag carrier will be forced to stop serving mainland China on February 3 per a government mandate to cut transportation ties following the spread of coronavirus. Reuters reported that both air and land routes between the two countries will be closed.



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