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China hospital reports 328 coronavirus patients healed


The Chinese health authorities have confirmed the healing, full recoery and discharge from hospital of 328 coronavirus infected patients.

It also said that of a total of 14,380 infections, there have been 304 deaths so far as at Sunday, February 2.
“On the Chinese mainland, the number of confirmed cases climbed to 14,380 as of Saturday at midnight, including 304 deaths, 328 people have been released from hospitals after being cured, data released by the commission on Sunday morning showed,” the embassy in Nigeria reported in a newsletter to ACMC from the press department of the embassy.
The number of confirmed infections in the China’s Hong Kong (14) and Macao (7) special administrative regions and Taiwan province (10) had risen to 31 in total, according to the commission.
Also, a total of 137,594 people that have had close contact with infected patients are still under medical observation, while 8,044 such people were released from observation on Feb 1.


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