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Coronavirus deaths top 500 in China

The coronavirus, which has a mortality rate of about 2 percent, has now killed at least 563 people and infected more than 28,000 others. Here’s the latest.
In a dispatch from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, our chief China correspondent describes an anxious city of 11 million where many are skeptical toward the authoritarian government’s reassuring messages.
Wuhan’s expressways are empty, and lives that seemed secure a month ago are now in a disorienting limbo. “Is it Sunday or Monday?” one resident asked. “You forget because all normal activity has stopped. Ordinary people have just their families and their phones.”
Today: President Xi Jinping, whose government is trying to control the narrative of the crisis by strengthening information controls, said that China was at a “critical moment” in its fight against the epidemic.
Another angle: A cruise ship where 20 passengers have been found to be infected is now anchored near Yokohama, Japan, and the 3,700 people still aboard are under quarantine for two weeks.


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