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Coronavirus deaths soar past 600 in China

At least 636 people in China have died from the coronavirus, the Chinese government said today, as more than 3,000 new cases were confirmed overnight.
The outbreak has now sickened more than 31,000 people in Asia, as well as at least 31 others in Europe and 61 on a quarantined cruise ship in JapanFollow the latest updates here.
Among the dead is Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, who was silenced by the authorities after he warned about the virus in late December. Dr. Li, 34, later became a potent icon for Chinese people who are angry over the government’s handling of the crisis.
Our reporters across the globe are also tracking these developments:
■ The authorities in Wuhan have escalated an existing lockdown by ordering house-to-house searches, rounding up the sick and placing them in enormous quarantine centers. They have also begun enrolling coronavirus patients in an experimental trial of an antiviral medicine that has shown promise in laboratory studies.

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