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Nigerian firm launches female wellness product range


Golden Gazelle Nigeria Ltd, in conjunction with its foreign partner, Benostan SA Greece has released a range of new products that cater to female sexual wellness.

While introducing the products at a press briefing in Lagos, Chinwe Nzimako, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Gazelle Nigeria Ltd, affirmed that they are made wholly from natural ingredients and are especially useful to a large group of women, from young female adults to middle-aged women and those already in their menopause.

According to her, “while Arousa addresses lower sexual drive, Senso V, a natural formula enriched with herbal active ingredients with high natural phytoestrogens content addresses vaginal dryness.

“Intimate Chamomile Gel, a genital hygiene product for women in their reproductive age peak, prevents vaginal odour and balances vaginal PH levels thereby soothing effect on mild irritations and protects against minor infections,” she explained.

Other products presented at the briefing included Hymen Gel, designed to enhance vaginal tightening and firming, Sensolite Brightening Intimate Area Shampoo and Sensolite Whitening Intimate Area Cream, to be used separately or in combination for even skin tone effect around the intimate area, are reportedly effective in removing difficult dark spots in the armpit region, or on laps and knuckles.


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