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The good from COVID-19: A global citizen emerges – Jack Ma

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Every mishap has its good side, if only we think through it with a clear mind.

As the COVID-19 sends jitters through the entire world, it makes one man think deeper about humanity, about love and about kindness.

To me he is the indisputable global man of the year.

I think the most widespread incident this year so far after the COVID-19 and the news about it is the charity of one person, Jack Ma Yun, the billionaire co-founder of Alibaba, the behemoth world’s number one e-marketing company.

Jack Ma has used the coronavirus outbreak to stamp his authority in charity to all mankind.

He has donated life aids to as many countries as you can imagine and his donation even to the US whose government seems to have taken a role of antagonising China, Ma’s country, was remarkable.

For a start, Ma shelled out an enormous 100m Chinese Yuan or $14.5m to help develop vaccine against coronavirus in late January.

Forty percent of the fund he donated was to be shared by two Chinese groups working on the coronavirus eradication project – Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, while the rest 60% would go to science institutions all over the world.

Ma also donated $2.15m to Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Australia for vaccines development.

Two foundations funded by the billionaire procured and shipped 1.8m face masks and 100,000 coronavirus test kits to each of Italy, Spain and other European nations under the threat of COVID-19.

When the crisis raged in China, his foundations set aside $144m for procurement of medical supplies to the Wuhan epicenter.

Ma the large hearted moneybag has also donated to South Korea and Japan

To the United States, a country with many citizens who are richer than him, his kindness did not discriminate as he pledged shipping 1,000,000 face masks and 500,000 coronavirus test kits to help the country contain the pandemic.

He said he made the donation “to help bolster America’s capacity to fight the global coronavirus outbreak.”

To cap it up, even with the lesser intensity of the outbreak in Africa, Ma said: “The world cannot afford the unthinkable consequences of a Covid-19 pandemic in Africa.”

And, hold your peace, for this unthinkable not to happen in Africa, he announced in Ethiopia a donation to all the 54 countries of Africa.

Each of the countries gets a little more than 20,000 test kits from a total of 1.1m test kits he provided; 1,000 medical workers kits from the total of 54,000; and more than 100,000 face masks from the total of 6 million masks.

The figures speak for themselves that Jack Ma has used the opportunity of this pandemic to touch in a very peculiar way about 70 countries and up to half the population of the world to make sure they live and survive the pandemic.

The monetary value of all these is so much, but the real value is unquantifiable.

The actual value of a gift is not how much its worth in monetary figures, but the value of the kindness that gave rise to it.

Jack Ma, you have no doubt captivated the world.

You have become the citizen of the world, an asset to humanity and shining example of how best an individual’s wealth can benefit mankind.

You are the global citizen and you snatched the crown when it mattered most.

History would etch you in its pages as one that played a great role to rescue the world.


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